NVIDIA Titan V Benchmarks and Performance

When it came to the benchmark comparison between the NVIDIA Titan V and my old Titan X (pascal), there was an obvious increase in performance. I chose to mainly do synthetic benchmarks as it helps prevent any user errors when trying to compare the performance as the test is run the same way every time.

In the LUXMARK synthetic benchmark, the Titan V showed a dramatic increase in performance as compared to the Titan X (pascal). This is likely due to the new architecture changes made to Volta.

In the Unigene Valley benchmark, the Titan V showed a nice improvement over the last generation Titan X (pascal) with a 13 fps increase.

Now, if you're just gaming then youre obviously paying a pretty heavy premium just to get a few more FPS. The NVIDIA Titan V is not meant to be gaming card and is geared more towards AI and deep learning. However, if you do find yourself gaming time-to-time then this is the best single GPU graphics card currently available on the market.


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